About David

I have  A REPUTATION BUILT ON RESULTS. To get results you have to have put in the  time and have a wide array of skills ranging from technical knowledge to social awareness.

With my Social Work background (MRC and DSW) and a fifteen year involvement with the Toronto Association for Community Living I obtained many invaluable transferable skills to apply to my many years as a Real Estate Sales Person. Along with strong listening and implementation skills it has provided me with a strong familiarity of the many unique and diverse communities this wonderful city has to offer. In assisting individuals in a first time placement or relocation I had to be able to thoroughly assess each individuals wants and needs before a successful placement was complete. It is not only about finding the right home but the right neighborhood that fits your lifestyle.

In addition to my Social Service background I have had several years of extensive experience in home improvements, from property investments and renovations to remodeling and interior decorating. As a previous partner to a chain of Interior Furnishing and Design shops I was able to build upon my knowledge base of a service provider to include more hands on practical design and sales skills which today ensures that I can provide clients with sound advice on how to maximize the value of their homes purchase and sale.

In summary, I have put in the time. I have the training, the skills and the motivation that are required to become successful in my field. I have A REPUTATION BUILT ON RESULTS and would be delighted to assist you through the process of purchasing or selling your home. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to talking with you in the future.

About Francis

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